Tuesday, April 12, 2011

koru #112

When I originally started this project, my goal was to actually make something koru-themed every day. Unfortunately with work and moving two states away, that making turned into documenting. Sure, it's still been a lot of fun and I've founds some wonderful stuff, but now that I'm settled in my new place, it's time to get back to the original plan -- at least as often as I can. (Don't worry, I'll still post all the cool korus I find as well as the guest korus people send me.)

So, for today's koru I went back to Noah Scalin's book 365: A Daily Creative Journal and started with the first prompt: "make something small that fits in the palm of your hand using only the materials in your immediate environment." In this case, a paperclip (though I did have to go into the other room to hunt down a pair of pliers when my fingers turned out not to be up to the job).

Wish paperclips were made out of  surgical steel -- this would make an awesome earring.

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